Monday, August 29, 2005

Week Two in Greece

Our second week was spent exploring a few of Greece’s most beautiful islands! We took a night ferry from Athens to Santorini where we rode donkey’s, enjoyed a black sand beach, and hiked into a volcano crater. Santorini’s views were undeniably amazing and the group enjoyed evening dinners while appreciating the beautiful sunsets.

After two nights in Santorini the group traveled to the island of Ios. Our hotel here was right on the beach and everyone had a good time floating in the water and playing volleyball in the sand. Some of the girls even rode a banana boat in the Ios bay one afternoon! Nights in Ios were definitely the most interesting of all the islands and everyone enjoyed our nights out to some extent.

Our next stop was the island of Paros. In Paros we stayed much closer to the main village area than we had in Santorini or Ios. We spent our free time here laying on the beach, catching up on academics, or even riding ATV’s around the island.

I’m sure everyone would agree that our trip to the islands will be a real highlight of our study abroad program.

Although the islands were a lot of fun we continued to be academic while on our excursion as well. Each night we held seminars where a small group of students presented a synopsis and lead a discussion of a section of our assigned readings. Some of the topics we explored were Plato’s allegory of the cave, the influence of PR and celebrity on our perception of self, individuality, absolute truths, and how competition relates to validation of self in our modern society. We will be spending our third week in Athens and working on inviting community leaders to our seminar and researching for our independent research projects.

Enjoy some pictures of our recent excursion to the islands!

The group enjoying a dinner on the Plaka before we leave for the islands.
The beautiful island of Santorini!
The group before taking a boat to a volcano near Santorini.
Noelle and Holly in Santorini.
A beautiful Santorini sunset!
Noelle and Holly at the old Port in Santorini.
Ben being very enthusiastic about an exhibit at the National Archeological Museum.
Angela, Ben, and Tyler enjoying the boat ride to the volcano.
The donkeys we rode in Santorini!


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