Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Mid-Summer Get Together!

To all of you who are currently in the Seattle area there will be a canoeing trip on Saturday, July 23rd! Meet with the group in front of the Burke Museum at 12:00.
Have fun!

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Some recent discussions...

There are three main topics which we as a group have been discussing these past few weeks...

1. Our main topic of conversation has been regarding what sort of community project/democracy outreach program that we would like to do while in Athens. The idea of working with orphans and gypsy children was brought up and everyone seems to agree that this would be a great group to target. The level of language would be easier for us to relate to and we would also attempt to perhaps teach them some of the English language! The discussion is still continuing as to the specific type of project we would like to engage in; suggestions for a mural or community art project have been made and likewise the costs and feasibility associated with such a project have been brought up for consideration. All in all, everyone seems eager to engage in a community project with the youth of Athens which would promote democracy and international teamwork.

2. As a group we have been debating the best way to approach publicizing our message. Keeping in mind that we aim to be a group promoting acceptance of different cultures, we are attempting to come to an agreement on how best to announce ourselves without seeming pretentious. A carefully worded press release inviting participation in our project seems to be a generally agreed upon tactic in terms of our community service project.

3. For those of you in Seattle, Taso is proposing a mid-July get together to touch base and enjoy some time outdoors!
The dates for this event would be either Friday July 22nd or Saturday July 23rd.
Some ideas for activities include...
  • Visit an organic farm on Lopez Island.
  • Go hiking up Mt. Si.
  • Do some volunteer work at a local hospital, i.e., Harborview.
  • Go canoeing at UW small craft center area.
  • Or some other idea of your choosing...